Toronto Life magazine has just published an article that I really like titled "50 Reasons to Love Toronto Right Now."  It includes points I agree with, like "The CN Tower is Cool Again", and points that, while true, I'm not too happy about like "Everyone Bikes".  Not that there's anything wrong with biking; I've just had it with suicidal bikers weaving in and out of traffic and nearly taking off my door mirrors.  I guess it's a pretty subjective list, since a lot of the things I love about Toronto like Holt Renfrew and the PATH system aren't listed.  Perhaps they're too permanent to be referenced in a piece about 'right now.'  Anyway, enjoy the article.



12/09/2010 05:22

I just read the article and I liked it. It's good to know that there are many things and reason to love Toronto. I am personally from Toronto and I so love my life here.

12/09/2010 16:00

Hey Randy. Thanks, glad you liked the article!


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