Try as I might, I simply don't like Tesla.  And believe me, I've tried!  There's just something about the car's tiny dimensions and the company's incomplete showroom that turns me off.

Some may say that the Lexus LS600h or the new Mercedes Benz S-Class hybrid aren't true competitors because they're not 100% electric, but they are premium automobiles in a much truer sense than the Tesla Roadster and for the price, premium is what everyone should be expecting.

The Lexus and Mercedes offerings may not be overly sporting, but the Fisker Karma is.  Now since there's an environmentally friendly sports car coming that's worthy of competing in the premium class, how long can the Tesla hype continue?

As interest in truly premium electric cars continues to rise, another competitor is also coming onto the scene.  The Lightning GT is fully electric, and produces the equivalent of 700bhp!  While it may not ever be sold in North America, it's nonetheless a much better interpretation of what a premium electric sports car should be.  Visit UK MSN Cars for the full story.



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