Autoblog just revealed that Ruf has created an electric prototype based on the Porsche 911 (it's pronounced "roof").  Engadget, a technology blog I read every now and then, also covered the story.  If you're a regular reader of this blog, you'll understand why this excites me so much:  more competition for Tesla!  As a bonus, the car is not based on the smaller Cayman as rumored earlier, which coincides with my belief that we need more truly premium electric cars on the market.  It's been said that Ruf's electric 911 will also be a competitor for Fisker's Karma (covered here), and while that's true, I think Ruf is a more established company who will end up drawing in a different type of customer.  That is, assuming it gets built.  Now all they need is a distribution network that beats Tesla's uninspiring showroom.



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