Cell phones should be banned on airplanes because they're annoying, according to some legislators in the US House of Representatives.  TheInquirer.net is reporting just that, and that the discussion is being driven by the legislators' personal experiences tolerating inconsiderate phone users while traveling back and forth between Washington D.C. and their home districts.  Feel free to click through to the article for a few detailed examples of conversations that should have been kept private, but the bottom line is that this is really about courtesy, and that's not as easily legislated as one might think.



08/13/2008 16:16

Oh man, i agree 100% - go ahead and text all you want, that's fine, but for the love of mercy don't have a 40 min. conversation for dozens of people to hear! sooo annoying.

they should also ban it on all public transportation, most especially metro ;)

Jon Kepler
08/13/2008 18:07

Good point 'Budgets are Sexy'. I've always found texting more convenient in public places anyway, though I'm sure everyone around me appreciates it too!


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