It finally happened!  Someone online pretended to be me.  It started when I entered a comment on a blog post titled 4 Tweaks We Made To Our Business That Drastically Improved Sales over at www.MyWifeQuitHerJob.com.  By the way, it's one of my honest-to-goodness favorite blogs, so make sure to check it out.

Anyway, a little while later someone came by, copy and pasted my post into the comment box and added "Sorry, forgot to add great post! Can't wait to see your next post!"  Essentially, they made it look like I came back, reposted what I said the first time, and added in their line.  However, they also put their own URL behind my name in an attempt to make people click on MY name to visit THEIR site.

I e-mailed Steve, the owner of www.MyWifeQuitHerJob.com, and he had the comment removed in about 60 seconds flat.  However, I also took the liberty of looking up the WhoIs records for the domain my name was pointing to.  Turns out it's owned by David Aloisi from Roseburg, Oregon.  I even have his phone number.

I suppose the morale of this story is don't steal/upset others when your WhoIs information is public.  However, I'm also slightly flattered that my comment was high enough quality to merit the theft, even though I'm sure that's irrelevant.



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