Telus Mobility is the first wireless carrier to release the HTC Touch Diamond in North America.  While Sprint will be offering them in the USA this September, I was fortunate enough to get mine last week!  Sometimes it pays to be Canadian.  Since there are several product reviews already online (like this one from Engadget), I'm not going to go into an in-depth analysis, but this device has exceeded my expectations by a mile.  The TouchFLO 3D interface is by far the nicest I've ever seen, and the 640x480 screen is unbelievably sharp.  My Facebook homepage is even legible without zooming in!  The internet is as quick as ever with Opera Mobile 9.5, and the YouTube client is actually much faster than I expected.  Videos play after waiting one or two seconds - that's it.  While Apple fans may prefer the iPhone 3G, I feel its 'wow' factor, overall completeness, and viability as a business tool aren't up to par with the HTC Touch Diamond.  As Ferris Beuller would say, if you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.



06/04/2014 09:26

, I was fortunate enough to get mine last week! Sometimes it pays to be Canadian.


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