Like every other technology fan on the internet, I've been trying out Google's new Chrome browser over the past few days.  As you would expect, it's pretty good, and I understand why Google would want users to access their online products through their own browser as opposed to one created by another company.

However, one thing I'm not so sure about is the tab placement.  I got used to it pretty quickly, but I imagine it could become frustrating if someone wanted to install one or two toolbars, adding extra lines of separation between the browsing area and the tabs.

It may or may not be the fastest browser out there, but it's definitely close.  Some people are also focusing on other metrics that are important to them, like CPU load, where Internet Explorer 8 comes out ahead.  Nevertheless, Google Chrome is still an amazing browser.  I could spend much more time covering all the positives, but I'd like to keep this post short.  Bottom line: try it out.



09/07/2008 04:07

I tried Google Chrome, but I wasn't impressed by it. I guess I had much expectations. Oh well, I'm sticking with Firefox, until Google entices me with better features for Chrome.

09/07/2008 22:51

Lucas, my expectations going in were sky high as well. There was so much hype that I'm not sure how Google could have lived up to it. I'm not dumping Firefox, but I'll probably continue to use Chrome occasionally. Thanks for your comment!

09/16/2008 10:52

I use Flock personally because it integrates the most aspects of social media. It's built on the Firefox platform, and I really like it. I can honestly say that I will not be trying out Chrome.

08/13/2012 23:23

I have found google chrome a s a best and secure browser.


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