Some web surfers are becoming increasingly frustrated with their internet service providers over the past few days in both Canada and the USA.  For Americans, Comcast announced that they will be putting a 250 gigabyte cap on their "unlimited" broadband service.  Vocal opponents of the idea took to Comcast-bashing on their blogs and message boards, and Steve Gillmor even felt it was worth a mention in his article on the future of streaming video for TechCrunch.

In Canada, Telus is discontinuing their Connect 75 plan, which allowed unlimited use of the internet through the cellular network via an aircard for $75/month.  New customers are now encouraged to sign up for Connect 65, a $65/month plan that only includes one gigabyte, with extra bandwidth costing $10/gigabyte.

However you look at it, affected users still only amount to a very small percentage of either company's customer base, and both Comcast and Telus claim that these changes will allow them to keep their network fast for the rest of us.

UPDATE: is also covering the Comcast side of this story.



09/16/2008 20:35

It's funny to think that they would rather cut people off instead of actually just charge them more. Very un-Comcastlike... ;)

09/16/2008 21:28

Hank, I know what you mean. Telus does a great job of that here.


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