If your kid isn't into ballet lessons or learning to play the piano, there's now an alternative type of tutoring that may be just what they're after.  TechCrunch is reporting that a company called GamerTrainer offers in-game tutoring sessions online.  Though this story was actually released towards the beginning of the month, I still thought it was worth a mention.  Pricing is $30/hour (bulk packages lower the rate), and titles they'll help you with include Halo, Guitar Hero, Madden NFL 09 and others.  While I'm not sure this is a service I'd be willing to pay for, it's always refreshing to see a technology startup with an actual business model.



10/01/2008 10:06

i don't think it is a good idea. nothing is better than a real person.

02/23/2009 05:20

good thanks


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